Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hidden Treasures

On Saturday, one of my cello students gave her first solo cello recital.  Since she's only 15, I wanted to get her some really nice flowers to congratulate her.  Unfortunately, I only had about ten minutes in between class and work to pick up the flowers.  I was lamenting the fact that I would have to go to the generic grocery store and pick up a pathetic bouquet.  As I was driving, I saw an old floral shop and greenhouse that I have driven by a million times and never paid attention to.  I turned in and walked in the very old store.  There was an older man in a flannel shirt and wrangler jeans selling the flowers.  He had a few beautiful, ready made arrangements and I picked one.  When I asked him how long he'd had the shop he said "The family's been here over an hundred years and I've been working at the shop for fifty years.  Their are pictures over there on the wall."  I looked at the pictures and it was so amazing to see the pictures from the 1910s/1920s.  The old man was so happy to have a new, young customer, and I will definitely be a returning client.  

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