Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Signing off

The holiday season flew by and I never posted a thing.  We had some fun days enjoying local activities and food and thanks to the winter storm airport craziness, we had a very local holiday.  For Christmas, I received two wonderful books on preserving food that I'm sure will be in my hand constantly come the spring.  Here are some of the highlights from the Christmas season:

  • A small Christmas tree from a nearby, family-owned, nursery 
  • A girls' night with my friends to celebrate my birthday, at which my friend, Diana baked an exquisite cake!

  • Cooking baking with my friend Erica
  • Baking real gingerbread (the loaf kind - so yummy!) with an old recipe from "Lost Recipes" by Marion Cunningham

  • A trip to the original Christmas Story house in Tremont, OH (complete with the leg lamp and the actor who played Randy).

  • A wonderful meal at Lucky's Cafe  - a fabulous restaurant where they grow their own produce and 90% of everything else comes from no more than 100 miles away.  The food changes seasonally and is to die for!

It was a wonderful Christmas season filled with friends, family, and the calming peace of our Savior.  I'm looking forward to a beautiful 2011!

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