Monday, November 22, 2010

Black Friday

Being a locavore isn't just about eating locally, it's also about shopping locally.  So, if you're going shopping on Black Friday (or any other time), consider shopping at at least one local store.  I have a couple in mind that I'll be stopping at this holiday season and I encourage you to squeeze one into your shopping route as well.  The perks are that you'll find unique gifts (usually of a higher quality), have more fun shopping, and support your local economy!  Is there some little local cafe that you love?  Make sure to take your family there when they are in town.  When I need thank you or birthday gifts, I've been going increasingly more often to a little local store/restaurant called the Tree House and Tea Gallery or to the gift shop inside the Westlake/Porter library.  Lots of areas have online daily deals through that you can sign up for if you're into that sort of thing.  Also, in this area, has some fabulous offers.    Remember, our goal is 25% local.  Every tiny bit helps. 

Happy thanksgiving and happy shopping!

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