Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Sweet Goodbye to Apples

Well, it's no secret that I'm better at cooking than at baking.  Not that I can't bake, it's just that I don't get the same satisfaction out of it and so I don't get inspired to try it as often.  I love savory, flavorful foods, while most baking is just one taste: sugar.  However, I couldn't grow up with a father who worked for a time as french pastry chef and have "Becky Crocker" live with me for 3 months without baking every now and then.  So, when I do bake, I usually go for flavorful renditions:  Pumpkin Currant Cookies, Apple or Pear Crumble, etc. 

   A couple of weeks earlier, one of my students brought me a bag of apples she had picked at a local orchard.  Wow - what a fabulous gift!  (Now you all know how to get on my good side!)  I needed to use them up, but we still had plenty of applesauce, so I decided to go for a seasonal, flavorful dish that would satisfy my rare urge to bake.  I decided on Cranberry and Apple Pandowdy (recipe at  It was so yummy.  The pastry was not easy, but it was so flaky and delicious that I know it would make my Daddy proud.  We did end up adding a little honey on top to serve because of the tartness, but it was definitely a fabulous dessert (not bad for breakfast either!).   

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