Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Little White Angels

   On Friday I had a case of the LLF Blues.  Yes, that's right, the Loss of Local Food Blues.  If only I had started this venture earlier!  Ah well, there's always next year.  I actually caught myself daydreaming about a deep freeze freezer today.  What would people say?  I'm performing at Lincoln Center in less than a week and yet I'm daydreaming about a freezer.  Oh my.  
   Anyway, there is something that is still available at Farmer Tom's in abundance right now: Cauliflower.  I have never really paid much heed to cauliflower before, but now I am having a true love affair with it.  So, I braved the sleet and went to Farmer Tom's and picked up two more heads of cauliflower.   The funny thing is that I haven't even done anything exciting with it, I've only steamed it.  I steamed an entire head of it in my veggie steamer on Friday because we had dinner guests.  However, for the rest of the week, I just cut up the head into florets and put it in a bag.  Then, whenever I want a snack or a side vegetable, I take some out, put it in some Press-n-Seal wrap and steam it in the microwave.  If you hate cauliflower, I suggest you try it fresh and local, it tastes so much sweeter than when it's been sitting on the shelf at the store.  If you still don't love it, try adding a touch of butter.  This is what I've been doing for my husband (and sometimes me) and he's finished a small serving of cauliflower at least four times in the past 10 days.
    So, here's a goal for today before you get the LLF Blues:  Try local cauliflower!

P.S.  I've learned something else absolutely wonderful about eating locally:  produce lasts so much longer at home because it hasn't spent any time on the shelf at the store.  That's what I call a bonus! 

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