Sunday, April 17, 2011

Book Review and Food Storage

    I sadly could not go to the Farmer's market yesterday as I forgot that I had a seminar from 9-2, which is exactly the hours of the farmer's market.  However, "The Diet Rebel's Cookbook" arrived today (actually yesterday I guess) and I have poured over it for two hours now.  It has fabulous ideas.  It is definitely not for the faint of heart as these young women are hard core, but anyone can take bits out of it that will vastly improve their eating lifestyle.  I have already learned a lot from it (and I thought I knew so much!) and am excited to learn more over the coming months.  They have a website at that's good too.
    I've studied the books food-storage list and have adapted it to our needs.  You can do the same.  I have some of this already and will be adding to it all summer and fall.  A lot of it I plan to get when in season and prepare myself.  I also plan to get as much meat as possible from local farmers.  Other things will come from Costco, Emergency Essentials or Nature's Bin health foods store.  I'll give you details throughout the spring/summer.  Here is what I've come up with for us (sorry the spacing got a little crazy when I copy and pasted):



20-gallons per person (at least) for a two-week supply

Organic Grains/Seeds
Rice (brown or white)              10lbs
Old Fashioned Rolled Oats      25lbs
Tinkyada/Other pasta              20lbs
Sprouted Wheat Flour              25lbs
Spelt/Kamut                            25lbs
Raw Pumpkin Seeds                 2lbs

Organic Beans/Legumes
Kidney Beans, dry                 20lbs
Black beans, dry                   15lbs
Whole green peas, dry            3-5lbs

Healthy Sweeteners
Dehydrated Cane Juice (Sucanat)15-20lbs
Honey, raw and local               2-6lbs
Real fruit jam                           4 jarsx10oz each
Chocolate chips             3x10 oz each/ 2-4lbs

Organic Healthy Fats/Oils
Real Butter (freeze)                 8lbs
EVOO                              1 gallon/8lbs
Virgin coconut oil           16lbs

Organic Fruits
Applesauce, unsweetened      3x47 oz each/8lbs
Peaches, canned in juice         8x15oz each/8lbs
Pears, canned in juice             8x15oz each/8lbs
Pineapple, canned in juice      3x20oz each/4lbs
Blueberries (freeze)                4-6lbs
Other berries (freeze)             2-4lbs

Organic Vegetables
Tomatoes, diced/pureed         8x28oz each/13-14lbs
Tomato sauce (canned or frozen)8x15oz each/8lbs
Green beans (canned or frozen)8x15oz each/8lbs
Chopped potatoes (dried)        4-8lbs
Chopped onions (dried or frozen)4lbs
Salsa                              3x17oz each/3-4lbs
Pumpkin puree              3x15oz each/3lbs
Tomato paste, canned             6x3oz each/3lbs
Sliced carrots, dried                2-5lbs
Chopped green sweet peppers         2-4lbs
Chopped broccoli, frozen        3x10oz each/2lbs
Chopped broccoli, dried          3 #10 cans
Sliced celery, dried                  2 #10 cans

Grass Fed/Pastured Meats
Whole chickens              2x6lbs each/12lbs
Ground beef/bison                  8lbs
Boneless chicken breasts        6lbs
Pot roast                        3lbs eachx2/6lbs
Canned Chicken             6x12oz each
Canned tuna in water              6x4.5oz each
Bacon                             2-4lbs
Sausage                         2lbs

Organic/Grass-fed milk products
Powdered Cow Milk                 3x12oz each/2-3lbs
(or Meyenberg Goat milk)                                             
Cheddar Cheese            6x12oz each/4-5lbs
Cream cheese                         3x8oz each

Sea Salt                          6lbs
Chili Powder                            .5lbs
Onion powder/diced               .25lbs
Ground cumin                          .25lbs
Ground Cinnamon                   .25lbs
Garlic Powder                          .25lbs
Dried Thyme                            .25lbs
Dried Sweet basil           .25lbs
Dried oregano                         .25lbs
Dried parsley flakes                .25lbs
Ground paprika              .25lbs
Red Pepper Flakes                   .25lbs
Black pepper                            .25lbs

Chicken broth                          8x32oz each/15lbs
Beef broth                      6x32oz each/12 lbs
Apple cider vinegar                 1/4 gallon
Pure vanilla extract                 1x16oz
Cacao/Cocoa powder              1-2lbs
Baking Powder               ½-1lb
Baking Soda                             ½-1lb
Cornstarch                     .5lb


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